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      3 operation methods of wood processing machinery
      Time:2018-09-02 15:54
      3 operation methods of wood processing machinery
      Time: 2018-08-20 14:11
      Mingxinhao woodworking machinery www.fmfrattalone.com below for you to elaborate, woodworking machinery three operating methods:
      One is that all the calculation work is controlled by the computer. The engraving machine is in working state and can not do other typesetting work. It may cause waste products because of the misoperation of the computer.
      Second, the use of single-chip microcomputer control, engraving machine can work at the same time can be typesetting, but can not close the computer, can reduce the waste caused by computer misoperation;
      Thirdly, USB port is used to transmit data. The system has a memory capacity of more than 32M. After saving the file, it can be completely separated from the computer, shut down the computer or other typesetting, which can greatly improve work efficiency.
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